Plants Toxic to Cats (March 2019)

Gardening and having plants in your home is ideal for a lot of people, but cat owners need to be extremely careful. I recently covered plants toxic to dogs, so now it's time to talk about plants that are poisonous to cats. In my other plant review I mentioned that I could not add images due to copyright... Continue Reading →

Mange in Cats (March 2019)

I recently spoke about dogs with mange, so now it's time to go over mange in cats. Like in dogs, there are more than one type of mange that cats can experience, which we're going to discuss thoroughly. Knowledge can be your best weapon in protecting and taking proper care of any pet. What is Mange?... Continue Reading →

What is Feline Infectious Peritonitis? – Cat FIP (February 2019)

Happy Friday, everybody! We love our cats and never think about the possibility of something terrible happening. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be informed on what could go wrong. Please remember that the following information does not replace going to your vet, getting a proper diagnoses, treatment, etc. This article is for informative purposes only.... Continue Reading →

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