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♥Welcome to PetHelp!♥

I’m a born and raised Canadian, an avid metalhead, Xbox gamer, and a lover of comfortable pajamas. Rarely will you ever see me outside and it’s like spotting Bigfoot in the wild if you happen to do so!

I’m a trained animal groomer for both cats and dogs and have a Domestic Animal Sciences course under my belt. Apart from that, I have grown up with animals around me my entire life, worked the best job I ever had in a pet store as part of a high school co-op program, and have a love for all things related to animals.

As a freelancer of half a decade, I’ve done just about every topic and general niche you could think of. However, I’ve always been more of a fan of the pet topics. Instead of constantly searching for the next big client to write a pet-related piece for, I decided to start my own blog to get the ball rolling.

Throughout my life, I’ve had cats, rats, dogs, rescued birds, rabbits, and even ferrets.








♥Janice Hoplin♥

Animals are my passion, so I hope you enjoy my blogs as much as I enjoy creating them!

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