Tubulointerstitial Disease in Dogs (July 2019)

Kidney disease and problems with the kidneys, in general, is a problem that runs rampant in the dog community.

There are a ton of types of kidney diseases, problems, and factors including age, diet, living situation, etc.

Tubulointerstitial disease is one of many kidney diseases that comes as a plague for dogs.

What is Tubulointerstitial Disease?

In short, TD causes inflammation in the tubes of the kidneys and the supporting tissues. This causes damage over time and can lead to chronic kidney disease in dogs, as a result.

Unfortunately, this can be a tricky situation.

For one, there is no specific cause or treatment for TD, and it can only really be confirmed by having a microscopic examination take place of a specimen taken from a kidney biopsy.

This course of action isn’t always vet-recommended, however.

Talk to Your Vet About Kidney Diseases

Speaking to your vet about possible kidney diseases and problems in your dog is a great way to catch things early before they progress into a nightmare.

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