How Often Should I Take My Kitten to the Vet? (July 2019)

How often are you bringing your kitten to the vet – once, twice per year?

Waiting until signs of sickness or a problem, in general, begin to show to bring your cat to the vet isn’t something I recommend doing.

Kittens will require quite a bit of vet care, especially during their first year of life.

Other aspects that will require more visits are health issues, for example.

How Often Should a Kitten See the Vet?

Kittens should be brought to the vet not long after they are born for a check-up to ensure all is well. If you weren’t there when they were born and got the kitten from someone, make sure you bring it to the vet as soon as possible.

Even if the person you got the kitten from says they’ve already been, if you haven’t seen paperwork indicating they’ve gone, bring the kitten in yourself. Better safe than sorry in many cases.

Monthly visits aren’t necessary, but they are great to ensure your kitten is growing as it should be. Doing so helps to catch any problems as early as possible.

Getting the crucial vaccinations and boosters they will need to start a healthy life is very important, so make sure you have all of those done.

The majority of cats are neutered or spayed by the time they are approximately 6 months old, but this can vary.

As an estimate, your kitten should be seeing the vet at least 5 to 7 times within their first year of life – at the very least.

I recommended monthly visits, yes, but that’s not possible for everybody. 5 to 7 times in the first year is enough, though.

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