Why Your Cat is Peeing on Your Stuff (June 2019)

Do you have a cat who constantly pees on your stuff, or has started to do so out of nowhere?

This can be frustrating, especially when you’re spending most of your time at home cleaning up pee and you have no idea why this is happening.

If your cat has been using their litter box for years without fail, but all of a sudden has started to pee around your home, there may be a significant problem that’s flying under your radar.

Why is My Cat Peeing in the House?

If your cat is peeing all over your house and not using their litter box, you need to run through an extensive checklist to figure out what the problem is.

Look At the Litter Box

A lot of problems can stem from a cat’s litter box, so it’s one of the areas you need to assess to find out why your cat is peeing everywhere.

Keep a Clean Litter Box

Would you want to use a toilet that’s overflowing with pee and sh*t? I guarantee you wouldn’t, so why would your cat?

Cats are clean animals with a strong sense of smell, much stronger than ours, so if you think it smells bad just imagine what it’s like for your poor cat.

You should be cleaning the litter box once a day and have as many litter boxes as you do cats. For example, if you have 3 cats, you need to have 3 litter boxes.

Make Sure It’s Accessible

If you have an older cat who’s started to slow down, make sure they don’t have to go on a mission to use the litter box.

Grow Your Litter Box With Your Cat

If your kitten has outgrown his litter box as he grows into an adult, get him a new one. It’s literally that simple.

Keep It Away from His Food and Busy Areas

Would you want to poop while people are going by? No, you would not. You’d want privacy to do your business, which is what cats want, as well.

You wouldn’t want to eat right beside your toilet, either, so make sure the litter box and your cat’s bowls are kept well away from each other.

You’ve Changed the Type of Litter Used

If you’ve changed the type and/or brand of litter used in your cat’s litter box. That could be the problem.

Problems With Behavior Resulting in Peeing on Your Things

Unfortunately, there are a ton of behavioral reasons that will lead to your cat peeing on your stuff.

A Recent Move

If you’ve moved and didn’t show your cat where his litter box is as soon as you brought him into the house, this can lead to him peeing wherever he sees fit. He may not fully know where it is, so you’ll need to show him.

New Additions to Your Family – Humans

Has your significant other moved in, or have you recently had a baby? Adding a new human to your home can be very stressful for your cat.

More specifically, if your cat is peeing on the new person’s things, it could be because they do not have a connection with them. For example, your baby can’t play with the cat, so the cat pees on your baby’s things.

Whatever the cat is peeing on, a bond needs to be created with everyone in the household so no misunderstandings occur and stuff is peed on.

However, bonding is a double-edged sword. Cats an also pee in the home due to separation anxiety because they can’t be around their favorite person 24/7.

New Additions to Your Family – Animals

If you’ve brought a new pet into the home, you can bet there will be some problems. Peeing around your home is one way for a cat to mark their territory.

If your cat, or the other cat you brought in, feels they are unwelcome in your home and unable to use the litter box, they will pee wherever they can.

Potential Health Problems

There are a lot of health problems that could be the answer to why your cat is peeing around your home.

Listed below are health issues that cause cats to pee outside of their litter box:

  • Pain and general immobility 
  • Senior and/or overweight
  • Feline diabetes
  • Cystitis – bacterial infection
  • Kidney stones and/or infection
  • UTI – urinary tract infection

As I just said, an underlying health problem can be the cause of the peeing in your home.

Go to the Vet

If your issue isn’t because of new people or pets in the home, moving, or behavior, in general, you need to take him to the vet to be treated for whatever is making him pee in the house.

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