Wood Shavings Are Bad for Rabbits (June 2019)

If you use wood shavings and/or chips in your rabbit’s home, you need to reconsider using them and why you should stop.

Why Wood Shavings Are Bad

Listen, I get it – wood shavings can be cheap and are usually fairly easy to clean up, but don’t be selfish.

People who make wood chips, more often than not, wear a mask because of the dust, and you’re putting your rabbit in that to live in.

Not only that, but the majority of wood shavings have a gas that’s emitted, which is highly toxic to your bun.

The natural smell you’re smelling when you open a bag of wood shavings is actually a phenol-chemical smell that comes from production of said shavings.

Not only that, but the dust and gas can cause them to fall into a constant pattern of respiratory illness.

How Phenols Pose a Problem to Rabbits

When phenols are introduced to a rabbit’s body, their livers work hard to process it, but success is very difficult.

The enzymes of a rabbit’s liver are changed over time.

Like humans, rabbits have a low level of protective agents that can filter things out no problem. The problem here, is that daily exposure to the phenols will require your rabbit’s body to work harder and harder.

What Bedding is Safe?

Paper bedding and wood pellets are both safe options for your bun to live in. If you have out door bunnies in a hutch, wood pellets and hay are both great options, while paper bedding is not.



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