Home Remedies for Cat Arthritis (April 2019)

Like dogs, senior kitties are prone to arthritis and arthritic-type health issues. Degenerative diseases, for example, are very common in older cats, known as osteoarthritis.

Yesterday we went over arthritis remedies for dogs, so it’s only natural we talk about how you can help your kitty who’s suffering from arthritis at home.

If your senior cat is starting to slow down due to joint pain and stiffness, there are plenty of things you can do at home to give him a hand.

Shed Those Pounds

One of the best things you can do for an arthritic cat is help them stay at a weight that is healthy for them. Not only that, but it will ease up any tension placed on your cat’s joints or arthritic areas.

The best way to know what a healthy weight is for your cat as an individual is to take a trip to the vet. They will be able to give you the proper weight for your cat and even give you some tips on how to help him shed a few pounds.

If you have an obese cat who has arthritic problems, you need to fix his weight as soon as possible.

Offer a Comfortable Resting Place

Arthritis in cats can actually become worse through exertion, so make sure you have a comfortable spot where your kitty can relax and rest their joints.

A warm, quiet, area that’s easy for cat will be necessary for the sake of their arthritis.

For example, if your cat loves to sleep on your bed but has difficulty jumping up due to cat arthritis, place a ramp, a stool, or even some steps leading up to your bed to help him out.

Incorporate Some Herbs and Supplements

There are a lot of herbs and supplements out there that arthritic cats can benefit greatly from. Check them out, do some research in your area, and hopefully you can find some of them to introduce to your cat.

Chondroitin and glucosamine are both remedies that support healthy joints in cats through strengthening the cartilage that sits between the joints. They may not cure arthritis in cats, but they certainly help slow the process of degeneration down.

Herb remedies such as Devil’s Claw, Boswellie, and Ashwaganda help on the inflammation scale to keep your cat in as little as pain as possible using natural methods.

Tumeric is a strong, natural antioxidant that protects cats from myriad diseases and also strengthens the liver. It holds a powerful anti-inflammatory characteristic that’s perfect for arthritic kitties.

Keeping Your Arthritic Cat Comfortable

I may expand on this list in the future when more methods are proven, but thus far these methods are known to work and help arthritic cats live their best lives.

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