Poopy Butt in Rabbits (April 2019)

Rabbits who are dealing with Poopy Butt are going through something that is serious for them, even if it may seem like all they need is a minor bum wash to you.

Though this is a common problem that domestic rabbits have, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one or that it will solve itself in time.

What is Poopy Butt?

Poopy Butt is a common condition that leaves a rabbit’s behind covered with minimal to severe amounts of sticky poo.

A simple case of Poopy Butt can turn into something extremely scary, like Flystrike.

How to Clean Poopy Butt

Regular baths can be extremely traumatizing to rabbits and cause them to go into shock, so they should only be used if the situation is an extreme one.

Otherwise, get a warm, wet washcloth, some very mild soap, and wipe your rabbit’s butt off, making sure you carefully remove the mess.

Do not pull on the hair and the skin – rabbit’s skin can easy rip and tear, so make sure you aren’t pulling anything and go as slowly as you need in order to do a proper, thorough job.

When everything has been cleaned off, use a dry, warm towel to keep your rabbit from getting cold. A drop in temperature is dangerous.

Once your rabbit is clean, make sure you clean out their cage and put some fresh bedding down.

What to Do if a Bath is Necessary

If the washcloth method is unsuccessful, you will need to give your rabbit a bath.

Fill up your bathtub or sink with an inch or two of warm water and work your fingers through the mess to loosen it up and remove it as carefully as you can.

Make sure you have a warm, dry towel at the ready to keep your rabbit’s temperature dropping to critical levels.

How to Prevent Poopy Butt From Occurring

Rabbits produce and eat cecotropes, which is a natural digestive process that they, in turn, consume to get the nutrients they need to live a healthy life.

When this natural process is disrupted, however, Poopy Butt will occur.

The best way to prevent Poopy Butt from occurring is to give your rabbit a healthy, fiber-full diet.

Rabbits require hay, be it Alfalfa or Timothy, to ensure they have a healthy digestive system and properly worn teeth.

Avoid anything with starch, too many treats, and too much fruit, as well. These types of foods can cause problems in rabbits.

The Main Causes of Poopy Butt

Unfortunately, aging, obese, and arthritic rabbits may need your help when it comes to Poopy Butt.

They are more prone to going through it because they can’t properly clean themselves, so it’s easily developed when proper cleaning becomes an issue.

More often than not, Poopy Butt is also the result of molar spurs, which occurs when a rabbit’s teeth are worn down at an uneven level. This makes it painful for a rabbit to eat, clean themselves, etc.

Constant Poopy Butt

If you’ve had to deal with Poopy Butt from a single rabbit on a regular basis, it’s time to take him to the vet.

As I mentioned before, Poopy Butt is directly linked to digestive problems and, in some instances, oral health problems that are dangerous.

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