Flystrike – Myiasis in Rabbits (April 2019)

If you’re a rabbit owner who has never heard of Flystrike before, it’s now time that you do.

What is Flystrike?

Known as Myiasis, Flystrike occurs when a rabbit has fly eggs hatch in their fur and on their skin, which hatch into maggots and begin to dine on your rabbit’s skin.

Unfortunately, Flystike kills rabbits incredibly fast, so it needs to be identified and fixed as early as possible.

How to Prevent Flystrike

Flystrike is something that is very easy to prevent, especially if you’re a responsible pet owner who knows the needs of your rabbit.

Poopy Butt can cause Flystrike incredibly fast if it’s not dealt with immediately, so preventing Poopy Butt prevents Flystrike.

In addition, ensure your rabbit has a healthy diet, a clean cage, visits the vet regularly, and is at a healthy weight to ensure they can properly clean themselves on a daily basis.

If your rabbit has had an injury lately that resulted in a wound, he’s especially prone to Flystrike. Make sure it’s cleaned and stays covered to the best of your ability.

What to Do if Your Rabbit Has Flystrike

If you have found maggots on your rabbit and are fairly certain they have Flystrike, go to the vet right away.

Your rabbit is literally being eaten alive and is in a severe amount of pain.

More often than not, Flystrike is a fatal condition that requires immediate treatment, so don’t delay whatsoever.

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