What is Fel d 1? (March 2019)

If you have a cat allergy, you may have heard of Fel d 1 before. This is a topic that tends to go far beyond the singular allergen, but knowing what it is can help you understand it, as well as your allergies, a bit better.

What is Fel d 1?

There are more than 10 allergens that create an allergy to cats, but Fel d 1 is what causes the majority of allergic reactions to cats and the symptoms that come along with it.

Fel d 1 is a protein that is found in the saliva, fur, skin, anal glands, and the sebaceous glands of cats. It’s produced more in the sebaceous glands than anywhere else in the body, however.

The length of a cat’s coat doesn’t determine how much is produced and released, but it’s believed that the protein count is higher on the head compared to a cat’s chest.

Understanding Aspects of Your Allergies

I’ve kept this informative article short and sweet to ensure it’s understandable and you can get the information you need on the Fel d 1 protein without having to sift through piles of paragraphs. Hopefully this has given you the answer you’re looking for!

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