Is Tuna Good for Cats? (March 2019)

Cats love fish – that’s a simple fact.

However, is tuna good for cats? Can cats eat tuna safely?

Interestingly enough, a lot of people think it’s safe for cats to eat tuna, so they offer it up without a thought.

After all, cats have been given tuna for decades. It’s used as a primary food source for ferals if someone doesn’t know better, we’ve seen it being given to cats in movies, etc.

Is tuna bad for cats? Lets find out.

Is Tuna Good for Cats?

Yes and no, so lets get into why tuna is both good and bad for cats.

The Benefits of Feeding a Cat Tuna

Tuna fish, not out of the can from the grocery store, is packed full of protein that cats can make use of. Cats, by nature, are carnivores, so they don’t require much vegetation.

Fish, in general, is a great food source for cats, but only freshly caught and typically not fish you buy in grocery stores.

Human-grade tuna in a can cause issues for your cat’s health, but even too much of the fresh stuff can cause problems.

The Dangers of Feeding a Cat Tuna

Cats aren’t like humans, so too much unsaturated fats is highly unhealthy for them. A cat can develop a deficiency of Vitamin E over time if they have a diet that consists of too much unsaturated fats. Over time, your cat can develop steatitis, also known as yellow fat disease, which causes the fatty tissues to become inflamed.

The mercury count in tuna is much higher than the count found in other species of fish. Because tuna has a higher mercury count, giving your cat too much can lead to mercury poisoning. White tuna, known as albacore, has triple the levels of mercury compared to light tuna, also known as skipjack tuna.

Cats require a healthy, balanced, complete diet, which tuna cannot give. In fact, a diet that consists of major amounts of tuna compared to the rest of their diet can cause malnutrition.

Is it Safe to Give Cats Tuna At All?

Yes, but in small amounts. If you absolutely want your cat to have some tuna, make sure it’s offered rarely and that you only offer chunk light tuna in water instead of white tuna.

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