Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds (March 2019)

Just because you have certain allergies, such as allergies to pet dander and hair, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to own a dog.

If allergy pills on a daily basis isn’t in your interest, there are tons of hypoallergenic dog breeds out there that could use a happy home.

A lot of people don’t want to deal with the mass amounts of hair that’s shed constantly, so a hypoallergenic breed is a loophole.

There are no 100% hypo breeds of dogs, but there are dogs that don’t shed. This leads to less dander and hair being released into the air.

Due to copyright laws I can’t include pictures, but I’m hoping to do so in the future.

Maltese Terrier

Known for their fluffy, white, silk coats, Maltese Terriers are super affectionate, playful, and won’t shed all over your home and clothes. Interestingly enough, this breed of terrier was used for catching rodents in ancient, medieval cities, and we’re also known as Roman Ladies’ Dogs.

Tibetan Terrier

Thought to be related to the Maltese, the Tibetan Terrier were guards for the nomadic herdsmen and friends to Buddhist monks. They require quite a bit of grooming and only shed a small amount. In total, they’re a breed that’s approximately 75% hypoallergenic.

Brussels Griffon

This breed barely sheds a hair and is known for their ability as a watchdog as well as their overall friendliness. This is a breed that is excellent for families, though they tend to fully bond with one person, in particular.

Shih Tzu

The name comes from the Chinese word lion due to their resemblance of lions depicted in their ancient arts. They’re hypoallergenic, loyal, and very friendly. This breed doesn’t shed their coat, but hair will be released if the hair shafts are broken or their coat is brushed.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

This breed, known as Poor Man’s Wolfhound was used in Ireland for hunting rodents, guarding their master’s livestock, and herding on farms. They are an incredibly intelligent breed that have skill in animal therapy, obedience, tracking, and agility.

Scottish Terrier

Also known as Scotties, this hypoallergenic breed is known to be loyal, territorial, and independent. They don’t require much grooming and have a coat that sheds very little.

Cairn Terrier

This breed features a wiry coat that is not only hypoallergenic, but repels water, as well. The name comes from their original purpose of finding rodents and vermin in cairns, which are piles of stones. Interestingly enough, they have a coat that can change in color a handful of times throughout a number of years.

West Highland White Terrier

Known as Westies, this breed is active breed with friendly characteristics. They are incredibly loyal, boast a double coat, and only shed minor amounts of hair. Interestingly enough, they were created from Scottish and Cairn Terrier breeds for the purpose of having a bright enough coat to ensure they wouldn’t be mistaken by looking like a fox while humans hunted.

Irish Blue Terrier

Also known as the Kerry Blue Terrier, this breed is a working dog of all purposes. They have abilities in guarding, hunting vermin, and herding. Interestingly enough, they’re born with a coat that’s black in color that changes into a blue one when they’re around 2-years-old. Their coats, which have a texture that’s fairly similar to fine human hair, does not shed whatsoever.

Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodle

Poodles, all 3 sizes, are hypoallergenic breeds that are smart, incredibly responsive, and don’t shed very much at all. Interestingly enough, they tend to not have that typical dog smell.

Bichon Frise

This breed is one of the most known hypoallergenic breeds out there. Their name translates to Curly Lap Dog in the French language. They love water and used to serve as companions for sailors on ships. They are also one of the easiest breeds to train, are social dogs, and tend to have independent qualities.

Powderpuff and Hairless Chinese Crested

Despite their name, this breed originates from Africa and were brought aboard ships by traders from China in order to hunt and kill vermin. Both types of this breed are hypoallergenic dogs who are quick, always alert, and shed very little.

Portuguese Water Dog

This hypoallergenic breed has a coat that sheds minimally but requires a regular amount of grooming. They’re muscular, energetic, and a loyal companion.


Dubbed the Velcro Dog because of their need to be with their owner as much as possible, this breed is perfect for families, are energetic, and very social.

Irish Water Spaniel

Though this breed has a coat that requires regular grooming, it doesn’t shed as much dander when compared to other breeds of non-hypoallergenic and hypoallergenic dogs. They are known to be devoted to their family, very friendly, and active dogs.


This breed comes from a mix of poodles and labradors. The latter breed isn’t a hypoallergenic breed, but this cross-breed sure is. However, if you are getting this breed of pup, you need to go to a legitimate breeder who has 100% hypoallergenic labradoodles. Some aren’t and were not bred from low-shedding, second generation labradoodle parents.

Yorkshire Terrier

This breed is a toy terrier with a long coat that actually has hypoallergenic qualities, believe it or not. They’re devoted, loyal, and tend to puff themselves up to be one of the big boys.

Miniature and Standard Schnauzer

Both types of this breed feature low-shedding coats that belong to loyal, energetic, fun dogs. They have watchdog qualities and are also able to run at quick speeds.

Bouvier des Flandres

This farm-bred hypoallergenic breed are known to be great workers, a loyal companion, and great for a low-maintenance pet option. Their breed translates to cow-herder of Flandres.


Have you ever seen a dog that looks like a mop? If not, this breed sure does. These unusually super cute dogs don’t shed very much and, despite their coat, don’ t need to be brushed all that often, if at all. They are highly protective of their owners and families, as well.


Much like the Komondor, this breed looks like a mop, as well. They have dreadlock-like coats that form if they are not brushed on an almost daily basis, so they are high-maintenance dogs.


If you’re in the market for a dog who doesn’t shed very much, grooms itself like a cat does, and doesn’t bark, this is the perfect hypo breed for you. These hunting dogs only let out some howling noises that may sound alarming at first, but this tends to be rare.


These non-shedding dogs feature a wiry, hypoallergenic coat that’s breathable and beautiful. These bouncy, fun-loving dogs are the perfect addition to any home that requires a hypo dog.


Even though this massively fluffy pups look like they’d get hair all over the place, it’s quite the opposite. This breed originates from Siberia, which has bitterly cold winters and required a dog that kept its coat and doesn’t drool. Despite their size, these dogs can thrive in apartments with sufficient amounts of daily exercise.

Australian Silky Terrier

This breed looks much like a Yorkshire terrier, but don’t get the two mixed up. This Australian mini worker terrier is hypoallergenic, very playful, and always seems to be on the go. Don’t underestimate the small size – this is a top dog.

Bedlington Terrier

These pups look a lot like a lamb, but don’t mistake them for one. They have curled, woolly coats that are beautiful and hypoallergenic. However, their coats require a bit of grooming to ensure they don’t get tangled and matted. A brush a day keeps the knotting away.

Airedale Terrier

Known as the King of Terriers, this hypoallergenic dog is large, bred to hunt, and is the perfect companion. They have a dense, wiry coat that doesn’t shed all that much.

Wire Fox Terrier

These gorgeous dogs have different coats. They either have wavy, crinkly, wiry, or a dense coat, depending on the coat their parents had. They don’t shed very much, so they’re a hypoallergenic breed.

Afghan Hound

These gorgeous dogs don’t look like they’d be a hypoallergenic breed, but they 100% are. This breed can reach up to 27 inches in height and were bred for hunting in Afghan terrain, which can be harsh conditions. These dogs love the outdoors and shouldn’t be kept by someone who spends the majority of their time indoors.

Italian Greyhound

This breed is sleek, has a natural pursuit instinct, and doesn’t shed that much, making it a perfect hypoallergenic pup. It should only be kept in warmer climates due to the fact it has a very short coat and is highly sensitive to colder temperatures.

Border Terrier

If you own small animals, such as a rabbit, hamster, or guinea pig, this breed may not be for you. This hypoallergenic terrier breed has strong hunting instincts, only requires brushing once a week, and sheds very little, in general.

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