Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds (March 2019)

I recently spoke about hypoallergenic dog breeds, so now it’s time to cover hypoallergenic cats!

Whether you have an allergy to pet dander or would rather not deal with mountains of cat hair over the years, you have a couple of options when it comes to getting a hypoallergenic cat.

No cats are 100% hypoallergenic, but there are quite a few breeds with hypoallergenic qualities that won’t irritate allergies on a daily basis.

Oriental Shorthair

This cat breed sheds in minimal amounts, has a short coat, and are gorgeous, loving cats to their owners and families. It’s recommended that you brush their coat every so often, though. Interestingly enough, their coats can come in upwards of 300 different patterns and colors.


This breed is one of the most popular hypoallergenic cats out there. They’re perfect for those with bad feline allergies because allergenic proteins found in the saliva of cats isn’t present.

Devon Rex

This breed has a coat that features soft down hair, which is what most “regular” cats have in their undercoats. These little ones are known for having a kitten-like personality even after they’ve grown into an adult.

Cornish Rex

This breed has a coat that, like the Devon Rex, only consists of the undercoat. They tend to shed in very small amounts.


This cat breed has a natural process of producing minimal amounts of Fel d1 in their skin, which is what causes an allergic reaction to cats. They are also known as the longhaired Siamese.

Russian Blue

These gorgeous kitties, like the Balinese, don’t produce much Fel d1 and are safe to have around if you have a cat allergy. They have a double coat that is short, soft, and come with a playful personality.


Who doesn’t love bengals, am I right? Beautiful creatures. At this time of writing, there are minimal amounts of evidence that they are truly a hypoallergenic cat, but owners and breeders stand behind their claims that they are. Apparently, a lot of people with allergies are not bothered whatsoever by the bengal coat.


These hearty kitties have a long, beautiful coat, but make no mistake – they’re a hypo breed! This breed also produces minimal amounts of Fel d1.


This breed only has a top coat, while the majority of hypo breeds only have the bottom, which means dander and hair won’t be spread around like crazy.


This bread boasts a curly coat that is totally unique, which actually helps reduce the amount of dander that is spread everywhere. A lot of people who have cat-related allergies have LaPerms as pets. Giving yours a good brush is all you may need, once in awhile.


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