Why is My Dog Drooling So Much? (March 2019)

A drooling dog can mean a number of things. A lot of dogs drool when they’re watching their human eating a yummy snack, which is perfectly normal, but outside of that, something may be wrong.

There also breeds who tend to drool pretty frequently, in general. Boxers, Saint Bernards Newfoundlands, and Mastiffs, for example, are all known drooler dogs, by default.

With that said, if you have a natural drooler and are here looking for some way to prevent your dog from drooling – that’s not going to happen.

Excessive or Sudden Drooling in the Heat

Dogs naturally cool themselves down by panting, which can come with minor to moderate drooling.

Panting and drooling during the summer months is perfectly normal, especially if they’re active. For example, you go to the dog park, where your dog has been running around constantly for an hour or two, which results in them laying down, panting, drooling, and doing what they need to do to cool themselves down.

However, if your dog is more fatigued than he usually is after a good run, you may be dealing with heat stroke.

If your dog is also struggling to breathe, you need to get him to the closest vet as soon as possible, if not immediately.

Bulldogs, boxers, pugs, boston terriers, and other breeds with short noses are a lot more prone to heat stroke than long-nosed breeds.

Avoiding heat stroke is easy – ensure clean water is available as well as shaded areas for your dog to play and rest in. Running around outside on hot days should be avoided.

An Oral Health Problem is Present

Abscessed teeth, periodontal disease, and other oral health problems can cause your dog to drool a lot more than what it considered normal for your dog.

Some oral health problems, such as an abscessed tooth, can cause your dog to have a difficulty in swallowing their saliva.

A buildup of tarter can also cause issued due to the fact that it can rub against your dog’s lips on the inside of their mouth. This will cause some droolage to occur. The best way to check for this is looking to see if your dog’s teeth look brown, almost like concrete, with swollen, red, and/or bleeding gums.

Oral tumors, ulcers, and a case of gingivitis can cause this, as well.

He Ate Something He Shouldn’t Have

Oral irritation can cause massive amounts of drooling, especially if he ate something he shouldn’t have eaten.

Toxic foods and plants, for example, will cause oral irritation and concerning amounts of drooling.

There is a Possible Upper Respiratory Infection

Unfortunately, excessive drooling can be a sign that an infection of the sinuses, nose, or throat is present.

Dogs who live among other dogs and/or are stressed out constantly run quite a high risk of developing an upper respiratory infection.

Your Dog is Nervous

Interestingly enough, dogs can actually drool quite a bit if they are nervous, upset, scared, etc.

This doesn’t happen with all dogs, however. More often than not, breeds who aren’t as prone to drooling will start to do so when they’re nervous.

This can happen a lot in the car, too. Whether the only time your dog is in the car to go to the vet they don’t like, or they’re always anxious while in the car, drooling can happen.

If your dog is in the car panting and breathing with his mouth wide open, your dog is anxious and nervous.

1001 Causes of Dog Drooling

There are a lot of reasons why your dog is drooling, some of which are extremely harmful and dangerous to their health.

You are the best at figuring out what is and isn’t normal for your dog, so make sure you act accordingly if you think something is wrong.


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