Top 10 Dog Toys – Best Dog Toys (February 2019)

Welcome back to another monthly best toys for dogs. I do these every month for both and to bring you the latest and greatest in dog toys.

As always, I will never introduce a toy that’s harmful, shoddily made, or of low quality, in general.

These are my picks for the month of February from, hopefully you find something you and your dog will like!

Our Pets IQ Treat Ball

Interactive toys are great for dogs who tend to be destructive when they’re bored. If you can relate, check out the Our Pets IQ Treat Ball.


You can choose from a general 2-Pack, 3″ Ball, 4″ Ball (pictured above), and a 4″ 2-Pack.

It promotes fun, interactive play that involves treats – so your pup won’t turn their nose up to this toy.

It uses adjustable feeding levels based on difficulty to keep your dog entertained and interested.

The treats come out as your dog plays with the ball by rolling it around.

You can twist the ball apart to open it up, which makes it very easy to put treats inside and clean it as needed.

Multipet Gumby Plush

Remember Gumby? You can now get the Multipet Gumby Plush for your pup.


The size of the toy is approximately 8 1/2″, and you can buy a single toy or purchase the Pack of 2.

It’s officially licensed, stuffed with plush, and has a squeaker inside.

ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush

The ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush are so cute. I may have already posted them in a previous review, but oh well.


It comes in Avocado, Chinese Take Out, Croissant, French Fries, Hamburger, Ice Cream, Pineapple, Steak, Sushi, Taco (pictured above), and Watermelon.

Each one has 2 squeakers inside, is made of quality materials, and are all super cute!

Pacific Pups Products XL Rope Toys

My girls adore rope toys, so I highly recommend the Pacific Pups Products XL Rope Toys for pullers and aggressive chewers.


Profits help to benefit the non-profit Pacific Pups dog rescue, so this is 100% a feel-good purchase.

While these rope toys aren’t indestructible, they are super tough and will last for quite some time.

Each one is created with PPP materials, perfect for large breeds, clean your dog’s teeth as they play with them, and even come with a 100% money back guarantee.

TugMutt Tugger

My girls love to tug on their toys with me, so the TugMutt Tugger is perfect for them. What about yours?


This tug toy uses an elastic cord and a custom velcro strap that allows you to tighten, loosen, replace, and detach certain parts.

Unlike general ropes and other tug toys, this one absorbs shock, won’t put too much strain on shoulders, arms, etc.

The elastic cord can’t be damaged from teeth, either. It uses an ergonomic plastic handle and a cotton rope “Bite Lure” on the end so your dog doesn’t damage the plastic bits when it’s being used.

Finally, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee – yay!

PetAmenity 5 Pack Premium Plush Toys

I always try to have at least one value purchase in my reviews – today it’s the PetAmenity 5 Pack Premium Plush Toys.


This variety pack literally has it all – plush, rope-incorporated, and crinkly toys that will keep the fun going.

Minimal stuffing is used in the production, which is especially great for pet parents of shredders – like my girls.

Aizara Dog Chew

At this time of writing, the Aizara Dog Chew comes with a 20% off coupon, so get one before it’s too late.


Aggressive chewers, unite!

This chew toy is made of non-toxic, Phthalate and BPA-free, durable rubber that is both flexible and a joy to chew on.

If you’ve got a water dog, this toy is perfect for chucking into the water – it floats!

It’s a multi-functional toy that combats boredom and anxiety, cleans your pup’s teeth, and it even comes with a 1-year warranty.

SNiFFiz SmellyMatty

The SNiFFiz SmellyMatty may seem like a weird concept, but it’s one I can definitely get behind when it comes to toys for dogs.


It’s advertised a being the longest treat dispensing toy that requires nosework on the market to date.

It incorporates the smell of home, scent tracking, cognitive desire, mental stimulation, and, of course, treats!

If your dog inhales their meals like no tomorrow, this is also great for the purpose of slow feeding to prevent bloating, vomiting, etc.

It can be a little confusing to look at and try to figure out, so let me break it down for you:

The toy features a large mat and 5 “snack mazes” to hide treats and kibble in. Each one is different in the way of their compartments, so your dog has to figure each one out individually.

They use their nose to find where the treats and kibble are based on scent. From there, they use their paws and nose to dig around and get the food out.

It looks like a mess, I know, but it’s actually an amazing concept that curbs boredom and slows inhaler dogs down.

KONG Jumbler

The KONG Jumbler is more than meets the eye – it offers fun in a number of different ways.


It comes in Medium/Large, Medium/Large – 2 Pack, Large/X-Large (pictured above), and Large/X-Large – 2 Pack.

It’s a 2-in-1 toy that includes a tennis ball and a loud squeaker on the inside. The handle makes it super easy for you to pick up, shake, throw around, etc.

The tough plastic used to make them ensures it won’t crack and fall apart if you throw it and it hits the ground hard.

Playology Pebble Chew

Got a teething puppy or a dog that’s constantly needing to chew? If so, the Playology Pebble Chew is just what your pup needs.


It comes in Small (Under 15 lbs), Small 2-Pack (Under 15 lbs), Medium (15 – 35 lbs) -pictured above -, and Large (35 lbs & up).

It also comes in Chicken (Yellow), Bacon (Black), Beef (Red), and Chicken & Beef (Yellow/Red).

This is one of the craziest toys I’ve seen. Yeah, it looks normal, but when you understand how it works, it’s gonna blow your mind a bit.

Dogs actually have 80% fewer taste buds compared to humans but a nose that is 10x more powerful in comparison.

These toys were made at a microscopic level with tiny scent bubbles that release scents as your dog chews and plays with it to keep them enticed for long periods of time.

It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy for your dog to hold between his paws and chew with ease.

There are no traces of BPA, lead, Phthalates, or any toxins, in general, used in the making of these toys.

Even though this is like a treat toy, in a way, there are no calories!


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