Can You Give a Rabbit a Bath? (January 2019)

This isn’t a topic that people think too much about, but it’s one that we definitely need to have a quick chat about.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “can I give my rabbit a bath”, you’re in the right place.

Can You Give a Rabbit a Bath?

No, you cannot give your rabbit a bath. Not a real bath, anyway.

Rabbits clean themselves regularly, probably just as much as a cat does, so there is no real need to bath them in your bathtub or sink.

I guarantee you this – if you try and put your rabbit in a body of water, even if it’s 5 inches or so of water, you’re going to be met with a struggle.

The main issue with bathing rabbits is not only the fact they struggle in the water, potentially harming themselves, but because their body temperature can drop like you wouldn’t believe, leading to hypothermia very quickly.

Rabbits are not meant to be in water and should never be given a traditional bath.

How to Safely Clean a Rabbit

If your rabbit, for whatever reason, is unable to clean an area of themselves properly, get a warm (not cold) cloth and wipe the area they aren’t able to clean themselves.

If their bottom, for example, is really messy, which can happen with long-haired rabbits, DO NOT put them in the bath.

Instead, submerge the area slightly and use some mild shampoo, such as cat shampoo, to work into the area with your fingers.

Even if you wiped your rabbit down, wrap her in a warm, dry, clean towel to ensure their temperature does not get a chance to drop in the slightest.

Be Careful of Sensitive Skin

Rabbits have thin, sensitive skin that can rip very easily. If you’re going to brush her, if she’s a long-haired rabbit, after washing an area that got very dirty, make sure you brush as gently as possible.

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