Top 6 Rabbit Toys – Best Toys for Rabbits (January 2019)

Rabbits like playing with toys, too, you know. Toys aren’t just for cats and dogs!

As always, I take it upon myself to weed out the crappy products and only introduce you to the best of the best based on my standards – which include 4 stars and up, positive reviews, etc.

I try not to have more than a single product from one company in my reviews, but I’ve found that rabbit toys are somewhat limited.

Ware Willow Branch Ball

The Ware Willow Branch Ball is a quality, yet very cheap, toy for bunnies.


This toy encourages healthy, wholesome, and appealing playtime.

It’s approximately 4″x4″ in size.

Not only is it great for playing with, it also helps your rabbit trim their teeth naturally – which can be quite expensive to have done at your vet.

SunGrow Chew Log

I am in love with the SunGrow Chew Log sets. They’re easy to keep in your rabbit’s cage, affordable, and are 100% natural.


You can choose from 4″ Bamboo Chew Sticks, Cholla Chew (6 Pack), and Pine Wood, which is pictured above.

These are a great chew for your rabbit. They have a nice taste, help to keep their teeth healthy, and keep them occupied so they’re not bored.

Wheeky Treat Ball

The high-quality, cute Wheeky Treat Ball is one of the best interactive toys for rabbits I’ve seen thus far.


It’s designed to be pushed and rolled around for a physical, and mental, workout.

You can store pellets, cut up fruit or vegetables in it for her to get out by rolling it around – whatever your rabbit likes the most!

Once you’ve picked out what you want to put inside the treat ball, make sure your rabbit sees said treats and shake the ball a bit. Have him watch you put the treats in, feed him a few, and make sure you’ve grabbed his attention.

Make sure you start with the closure wide open and sitting underneath the ball, so face down on the floor, so the treat will come out with ease.

Your rabbit will catch on and soon be rolling it around, popping the treats out, on his own! Close the closer a bit more as you go with him.

The ball is approximately 2.8 inches in size, so depending on the size of your rabbit’s cage, it may be able to be kept in there.

I tend to keep my rabbit’s toys outside of her cage because her door is open 24/7 and she’s free to roam as she likes, so this type of toy is perfect for her.

I hope it’s suited to your rabbit, as well! If not, I have plenty of other options for you to look through.

Ware Atomic Nut Ball

Like the previous Ware product I mentioned, the Ware Atomic Nut Ball is more than affordable.


It’s made of 100% natural wood with a “nutty surprise” inside that promotes healthy teeth through natural cleaning and trimming.

It has the size dimensions of 4-1/2″x4-1/2″x4-1/2″.

Overall, it’s the perfect toy for rabbits who get bored and need something to do other than lounge around.

Prevor Pack of 5 Chew Toys

Though it’s advertised as being for hamsters mainly, the Prevor Pack of 5 Chew Toys is perfect for all small animals.


These toys are a wee bit big, so you may have to have one or two in you rabbit’s cage at one time.

They’re the perfect solution for shortening your rabbit’s teeth naturally as they grow over the years.

It comes with the Bark Watermelon Balls, Small Bell Roller, Large Bell Roller, Small Dumbbell, and the Small Unicycle.

Trixie Snacky Board

The Trixie Snacky Board is another awesome interactive toy for rabbits that I think you and your rabbit will love.


This is an interactive toy that consists of a board and 7 lids.

You simply hide the treats under the lids and let your rabbit figure out.

It’s made of robust, durable plastic that helps your rabbit improve their finding skills and gives them a good boost of mental stimulation.


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