Top 3 Cat Trees – Best Cat Trees (January 2019)

Cat trees are a plenty in pet stores, online shops, and websites such as Amazon. However, just because they’re everywhere, doesn’t mean you can just buy one without thinking about it.

Cat trees can be incredibly dangerous to your cat if the one you purchase isn’t properly put together or is made of shoddy materials.

Because of this, I did all the research for you and have found some of the best cat trees on to ensure your kitty will be safe, secure, and comfortable.

AmazonBasics Cat Tree With Scratching Post

The AmazonBasics Cat Tree With Scratching Post is simple, priced well, and has everything your cat will need in a cat tree.


It comes in Medium and Large, but my review will be focusing on the Large because I feel like it has much more value than the Medium.

It’s a triple-platform cat tree that has 7 scratching posts made up of wrapped jute. MDF, carpet, and paper tubes are also used in the construction, as well.

The top platform serves as a cat bed, so you can decide whether to add your own bedding or put your cat’s regular bed up there.

All of the instructions and tools needed to put it together are included, but it has a very simple screw-together assembly procedure.

In total, the size of the cat tree is 17.7″x17.7″x45.9″.

SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo

If you have more than one cat, the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo is a great choice.


What I like most about this cat tree condo is the fact that it has raised edges on top of the perches. This allows your cat to sleep soundly and comfortably, but they are able to rest their head on them and still see everything that’s going on around your home without straining their necks.

CARB-certified, natural particle boards and strengthened battens are used in the construction to ensure it’s safe, sturdy and able to hold multiple cats at once without leaning or falling over. The anti-toppling fittings also help with this, as well.

The scratching posts are covered and further reinforced using sisal rope, which keep your kitty’s claws from going through the scratching post and damaging the supports over time.

There are also some interactive hanging toys, a hammock, and a boxed-in area for your kitties to sleep in.

The size dimensions of this cat tree condo are 23.6″x20.9″x59.1″.

Lastly, the company offers a 30-month warranty, so that’s always good!

Fur Haven Cat Tree

If you’re a particularly picky pet parent, the Fur Haven Cat Tree is something I think you’ll be interested.


The company offers a massive line of options for you to choose from, which I will list for you below.

Where sizes are concerned you can choose from 15.75″x15.75″x46.5″, 23.5″x19″x49.5″, Medium, Large, Floor-to-Ceiling, and Jumbo.

There are a massive variety of colors and styles for you to choose from, which I’ve also listed:

  • Clubhouse
  • Play Stairs
  • Blue Fuzzball Scratcher
  • Brown Fuzzball Scratcher
  • Gray Double Decker
  • Cream Fuzzball Scratcher
  • Cream Hammock
  • Gray Fuzzball Scratcher
  • Silver Hammock
  • Blue Deluxe Playground
  • Blue Play Stairs
  • Blue Triangle Tower
  • Brown Deluxe Clubhouse
  • Brown Deluxe Playground
  • Cat House Furniture
  • Cat Table, Cream
  • Cream Clubhouse
  • Cream Play Stairs
  • Cream and Brown Corner
  • Gray Home Base
  • Gray and White Round House
  • High Rise, Cream
  • Home Base, Blue
  • Table Playground, Gray
  • Brown Ladder
  • Cream Double Decker
  • Cream Ladder
  • Cream Skyscraper
  • Cream Treehouse
  • Gray Double Decker (pictured above)
  • Gray High Rise
  • Gray Ladder
  • Gray Platform House
  • Gray Skyscraper
  • Treehouse, Brown

Okay, yes, there are a LOT of options here.

Although, based on individual research into all of them, I’d recommend any and all to those looking to invest in a quality cat tree.


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