Top 10 Dog Toys – Best Toys for Dogs (January 2019)

The holidays are finally over, but if you didn’t get some toys for your pup for Christmas, or just forgot to do so, there’s no better time than the present – pun intended.

If you’re like me, then you know you dog can never have enough toys. For myself and my girls, toys are a constant revolving door. They’re both aggressive chewers and love to shred their toys.

As always, I only list products I feel good about in any of my reviews. I will never advertise shoddy products in hopes of earning a commission – that’s my promise to you.

I’ve already covered Top 10 Dog Toys – Best Toys for Dogs (January 2019), so now it’s time to cover the top 10 dog toys and the best toys for dogs on

Chew King Premium Treat Toy

If your dog’s an avid chewer, he’s going to adore you if you get him a Chew King Premium Treat Toy.


Each one is made of a natural rubber material that uses no chemicals whatsoever, so it’s phthalate-free and non toxic.

It’s durable, retains the proper shape, and is able to stand up to the toughest chewing possible.

It comes in Medium/pack of 2, Large/pack of 2, X-Large/pack of 2 and Wishbone Tug.

Each particular size holds a different amount of treats or kibble. An XL, for example, can hold up to 1 cup.

Duoer Toys for Dog 6 Pack

Value packs are always my favorite thing to get for my girls, and the Duoer Toys for Dog 6 Pack is surely one of them.


If your dog enjoys multiple of the same toy, this value pack is definitely for your pup.

It comes with 5 rope toys and 1 plush toy, but each rope is shaped differently for multiple types of play. The rope ball has a small bell inside, so make sure you pay attention if your dog is playing with this particular toy and is known to tear things apart.

Each toy is made on non-toxic, bite-resistant, tasteless materials that won’t harm your dog in the slightest.

The company offers a full refund if you and your dog are not satisfied with the toys, plus it comes with a cute bag.

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz

Aside from being top quality, how cute are the ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz toys?


It comes with the Fox, Raccoon, and the Squirrel, so you get 3 for the price of 1, basically.

I’ve chosen the Large size for my review because the Small size comes from a number of different sellers, not ZippyPaws, so I’m playing it safe for you guys.

Each individual toy has 3 squeakers inside, contain NO stuffing, and are 18″ in length.

These won’t hold up to aggressive chewers, so keep that in mind. I like to buy my girls “cannon fodder toys”, which are toys just for destroying. If you do this for your dog, I highly recommend investing in these.

aingycy Squeak Chew Ball

What’s better than an already cheap, high quality dog toy that comes with a coupon for $2 off? Let’s take a look at the aingycy Squeak Chew Ball.


It’s made of high quality, non-toxic latex material that is safe to be in your pet’s mouth, whether it’s your dog or your cat.

The bristles of the ball actually help clean your pet’s teeth while they play with it by controlling the build up of tartar and plaque.

It squeaks and rings when your dog plays with it, leading to enticing behavior and play.

It’s not a huge ball, only 5.5×3.2 inches, but it’s a high quality choice nonetheless.

You can also receive a complete refund if you and your dog are not pleased with the purchase.

PAWABOO Stuffed Plush Toys

As always, I consider quality, quantity, and look for a great deal, which is certainly found with the PAWABOO Stuffed Plush Toys.


For my review, I’m focusing on the 2 pack. It’s got a cheap price tag and comes with a 15% off coupon, which is always nice.

You can also choose Lion, Dinosaur Baby, and Hedgehog, all of which have 1 and 2 packs available.

Each toy is made of super soft, superior, faux-fur paired with high quality fabric and PP cotton. All of which are odorless and completely non-toxic.

The toys are double stitched and reinforced with inner triple layer mesh to ensure they can stand up to tough, but not too rough, play.

Most of the toys, aside from the Dinosaur Baby toys, come with a squeaker inside for enticing play.

You can easily throw this in your washing machine or use a damp cloth to wipe off dirt and debris.

Multipet Latex Chicken

Not only does the Multipet Latex Chicken look absolutely ridiculous, it sounds pretty ridiculous, too!


You can choose from Pack of 2, Pack of 2, and Chicken and Hippo Pack.

The toy comes in multiple colors, all of which you can’t choose from, so it’s basically at random when it comes to the color you get.

They are plush-filled, literally squawk like a chicken when squeezed, and is approximately 11.5″ in size.

Don’t be put off by the odd smell when it arrives – the toy is lead-free. What you’re smelling is the new latex smell. If you want the smell gone immediately just rinse it off with some soap and water, otherwise it will eventually fade away.

ZippyPaws NomNomz

I typically try to not double up on brands in a single review, but I couldn’t help it – the ZippyPaws NomNomz are incredibly cute.


It comes in Steak, Croissant, French Fries, Ice Cream, Taco, Watermelon, and Pineapple.

However, Pineapple, Taco, and French Fries have a number of different sellers to choose from, so either skip them for another category of this toy OR make sure you feel the other sellers are trustworthy enough to purchase from.

Each one has 2 high quality squeakers inside for lots of enticing noise and fun. They’re approximately 8×5.5″ in size.

They are made of polyester fiber material, so pretty durable, overall.

FurryFido Interactive Treat Ball

One of my dogs can be pretty destructive when she’s bored and left to her own vices, so I’m all for interactive toys that fill up time when I’m away. The FurryFido Interactive Treat Ball is a great example of interactive toys.


Interactive toys can actually boost your dog’s IQ and allow them to have fun while doing so.

Your dog can chew, bounce, and roll this toy around without problems. There are a number of treat compartments inside the ball for you to hide treats or kibble pieces in.

Each one is made of natural, durable rubber that’s non-toxic. Your dog’s teeth will also be scrubbed clean while they play with this, too!

What’s more, a 100% lifetime or money back guarantee/warranty is also available, which is always an added plus.

ONEISALL Indestructible Chew Bone

Indestructible, you say? Yup. The ONEISALL Indestrutible Chew Bone is pretty impressive as a chew toy, so let’s check it out.


Yes, I know there’s a spelling error in the photo. I had a bit of a laugh so I kept it. I didn’t create that photo – it’s from the company.

So it comes in S, M, and L, with each one being made of a durable nylon material that is 100% non-toxic, making it totally safe for your dog to chew on.

It promotes healthy teeth through chewing because it actually cleans your dog’s teeth and fights against the building of plaque and tartar.

This one is fantastic for teething puppies who chew on literally everything. It massages and soothes achy, sore gums.

It has a yummy bacon flavor that your dog will love to taste, too!

goDog Dinos Chew Toy

If you’re a picky pup parent, you have A LOT of options when it comes to the goDog Dinos Chew Toy.


You can choose from Blue, Gray (pictured above), Green, Purple, Red, Teal, and Yellow.

You can also choose from Small, Large (pictured above), Large – 2 Pack, N/A (I don’t know lol), and Mini.

Stay with me here, because you can also choose from Spike, Frills (pictured above), T-Rex, Terry, TRex, and Bruto.

As I said, lots of options.

Each one is made with Chew Guard Technology, which uses double-stitched seams to ensure it’ll last as long as possible.

It has incredibly soft bubble plush and a squeaker, both of which dogs love.

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