Top 10 Cat Toys – Best Cat Toys (January 2019)

My cat, Spook, is pretty picky with toys. He only likes the feather toys, things that make noise, crinkly toys, etc.

Because cats have their own personalities, which include likes and dislikes, I try to make my reviews full of variety so every pet parent can find something their cat will like. I also try to make sure there’s a couple of value/budget picks for those who don’t want to throw their entire wallet at cat toys.

This review is focused on, so if you need, check out my other reviews –’s will be listed there under my Cat category!

Parner 25-Piece Cat Toy Assortment

Starting right out of the gate, I’d like to introduce you to the Parner 25-Piece Cat Toy Assortment.


It comes with a cat tunnel, cat teaser wand, 1 catnip pineapple, multiple interactive feather toys, 1 mouse, and crinkle bell balls.

The cat tunnel is collapsible for easy storage when it’s not being used. It folds down in less than a minute and uses side strips.

The teaser toys are all made of high-quality, non-toxic materials that are actually quite durable. There are dyes used, but as I said, all are non-toxic.

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you and your kitty aren’t completely happy with the purchase, you can ask for your money back.

Pawaboo Feather Teaser Cat Toy

What cat doesn’t need another feather toy to add to the collection? The Pawaboo Feather Teaser Cat Toy.


You can choose from Wine Red & White (pictured above), Leopard Brown, Brown 2, Blue, and Colorful Stripes.

Cats have a natural instinct to chase and hunt, which is encouraged through the use of this feather toy.

It features a long, flexible steel wire that’s approximately 31.5 inches long. Each one has a colorful, natural feather and a small bell. The handle is made of PP material

Because the feathers are natural, they are 100% safe and non-toxic. You can interchange feathers if  you’d like due to the fact they’re detachable.

Catit Grass Planter

The Catit Grass Planter is something I think all cat owners should give to their cats, and I’ll tell you why below.


This is a product that’s been out for quite awhile, but the version I’ve linked in this review is the new and improved one.

It has a stable, low design that prevents it from being knocked over as well as a grid that covers the base to prevent your cat from digging into it and making a mess.

Cats have a natural like of grass, but the grass outside isn’t always safe. Pesticides, for example, are used in lawn treatments. This product is the perfect way to allow your cat to have safe, indoor grass that they can munch on.

You will, however, need to pick up some Catit Cat Grass Seeds, which are incredibly cheap and last quite awhile.

Chiwava 36-Piece Mice Set

If your cat goes nuts over mice, she’s going to adore the Chiwava 36-Piece Mice Set.


You get, as the name suggests, 36 mice that come in assorted colors. They’re made of synthetic fur that has a plastic body rattling noise to attract your kitty’s attention.

Kivikis Handmade Wool Balls for Cats

As a little guy myself, I’m all for supporting smaller, “homier” brands who are the little guys of the industry. I am in love with the Kivikis Handmade Wool Balls for Cats.


You can choose from 5 Wool Balls, 10 Wool Balls, 20 Wool Balls, and 30 Wool Balls.

Each one is an individual rainbow that’s soft, light, and able to be bounced around on the floor.

They’re made of natural, West Australian merino sheep top wool that make them fun to play with and safe to be around your beloved cat.

The company offers you up to 10 days to return the item and receive the cost of the toy back, not including the price of postage.

SAVING NOW Catnip Fish Toy

My kitty buddy loves catnip and catnip-related toys, which is why I’m listing, and highly recommending, the SAVING NOW Catnip Fish Toy.


It comes in Mackerel (pictured above), 7.8″ Mackerel, Saury, and 7.8″ Saury.

The materials used are natural, not hazardous in any way, and no chemicals are used whatsoever.

Each one is soft, easy for your cat to bite and carry around, and has a realistic fish-shaped design.

To add catnip to the toy, all you have to do is open the zipper located on the underbelly of the fish, and throw some catnip in.

Petty Love House Zebra Exercise & Activity Tent

Interestingly enough, toys like the Petty Love House Zebra Exercise & Activity Tent is just as effective with cats as it is with babies.


It comes with 4 hanging toys that encourage your cat to reach up and play as much as they like by batting them around.

You don’t have to spend an hour putting it together – it’s actually very easy to do, so no worries there.

SmartyKat Touch-Activated Sound Toy

If your cat is motivated through sounds, the SmartyKat Touch-Activated Sound Toy may be the perfect addition to your cat’s toy box.


You can choose from Chickadee Chirp, Chit Chatter (pictured above), Chitter Catch, Feather Flock, and Hum Singer.

If you click on the link above the photo, you’ll see more options than I’ve listed. I’m not sure why, but the options other than the ones I have listed have nothing to do with the line of the electric, sound-activated toys. I just want to make this clear so you don’t make a mistake and buy the wrong type of toy.

Each toy has realistic noises, some of which are activated through touch, and encourages healthy, happy play.

The company also offers 100% customer satisfaction, so keep that in mind, as well!

TRIXIE 5 in 1 Activity Center

I love the concept of the TRIXIE 5 in 1 Activity Center. It takes interactive play to an entirely new level and I’m all for it.


There are a number of lines and different ways to play the games:

Game 1: Fish bowl-like globes that require cats to scoop out treats or kibble with their paws

Game 2: Pegs that require your cat to have a strategy on how they can get the treats or kibble out

Game 3: Alleys that require your cat to lay or sit sideways in order to get the treats or kibble out

Game 4: Slits that require some sort of liquid treat or wet food that must be licked out

Game 5: A tunnel with a mouse hole for hiding toys, treats, or kibble

The company offers a 1-year warranty on this toy, which is always nice!

Catit 2.0 Digger

Interactive toys aren’t just for dogs – they’re great for cats to have, too! The Catit 2.0 Digger.


This interactive toy makes your cat work for treats in a fun way. Searching and locating food in something cats like to do naturally – they’re hunters.

If you have an overweight kitty and want to make a change, this is also a great feeding tool.

Hiding food in the tubes, whether it’s treats or your cat’s daily diet, reduces gorging on their meals, stimulates their natural instincts, and gives them something to occupy their time with that gives big rewards.

Catit is a brand that I’m very familiar with. My cat, Spook, has had a few of their products in the past, and I’m sure there are a few around somewhere in my house.

It uses 3 short and narrow tubes, 2 long and wide tubes, and a stable base that can’t be easily knocked over. All of the tubes are rounded to make it easier to clean and for your cat to dig pieces of food out.

As I’ve said in my other reviews, I try not to have more than one product from a single brand in a review, but sometimes I can’t help myself. A great product is a great product and I’ve promised myself to bring you nothing but the absolute best from any brand.


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