Best Rabbit Cages – (December 2018)

I’ve already reviewed some of the Best Rabbit Cages for, so now I’d like to introduce you to some of the best rabbit cages I’ve found on

Whether you want a typical cage, an outdoor hutch, or even an indoor hutch, should you have the room, I have some amazing options for you to look through.

I’ve kept different budgets in mind, as well!

Ferplast Grand Lodge Rabbit Hutch

The Ferplast Grand Lodge Rabbit Hutch is an insanely beautiful, high-quality rabbit hutch that won’t quit or leave your rabbits vulnerable while living outdoors.


It’s made of a very sturdy plastic material with a roof that opens up and a tray that pulls out for easy cleaning.

It uses double floors to ensure your rabbits have more than enough room to run around inside, as well as multiple doors that open up on the sides.

The ground floor is fully protected due to the metal net wiring that makes it a super solid pen that predators won’t be able to break into.

Located in the center of the hutch, you’ll find dirt tray that is hidden by an overturnable door.

It has size dimensions of 115.5 x 73 x 117 in centimeters.

If you have the room for it, you can use this hutch inside, as well.

PawHut 40″ Rabbit Hutch

The PawHut 40″ Rabbit Hutch is a high-quality, perfectly built rabbit hutch that can even hour chickens, so you know it’s good enough for a rabbit, whether you have a single rabbit or more.


It’s crafted of high-quality fir wood and uses a design that consists of a living house, a ramp, windows, and a backyard run.

It also has a tray that slides out to ensure cleaning the hutch is as easy to do as possible. The run and the front of the hutch’s living area opens up completely for an easy clean, as well.

The roof is made of a green asphalt composite material that is 100% waterproof to ensure your rabbit is kept dry, which is especially important if you are using this hutch outdoors.

The window, which is also used as a door, helps to keep proper air flow circulating throughout the hutch, while the ramp allows for easy access throughout the unit.

Other than the door in the window, there are lockable metal slide bolts located on all of the other doors. The durable spray wire used in the construction ensures predators cannot gain entry.

It has overall size dimensions of 39.6 x 21.7 x 39.8 in inches, as well as size dimensions for the running area of 39.4 x 14 x 14.8 in inches.

Ferplast Krolik 160 Rabbit Cage

For those who want a smaller rabbit home that isn’t a hutch, I present to you the Ferplast Krolik 160 Rabbit Cage!


This simple cage is designed to help you save space while still providing an adequate home for your rabbit that it will love.

It comes with an attached extension, which can be removed, that is perfect for nesting and hunkering down for the night.

The bottom has no flares to ensure that your rabbit can make full use of the space, as well as a wide front door that makes it easy for your rabbit to come in and out without having to squeeze themselves through.

It comes with a hay feeder, water bottle, and a food bowl.

The base of the cage itself can be separated from the top to ensure that cleaning is an absolute breeze.


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