Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? (November 2018)

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of cucumbers, but I’ve wondered – can dogs eat cucumbers?

Are cucumbers safe for dogs to eat?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

Yes, dogs can eat cucumbers – yay!

Cucumbers, per a half cup full of slices, only contain approximately 8 calories, which make them a crunchy, healthy, low-calorie snack that’s perfect for chubby puppies. They’re incredibly low in fat and sodium, too!

Cucumbers are a great summer treat for your pup. They’re 96% water – the perfect snack after a long walk or a trip to the dog park. Not to mention they’re also a great treat if your pup needs to lose weight.

The Risks of Feeding Your Dog Cucumbers

As with any human foods, there’s always the risk of overfeeding. Cucumbers aren’t going to cause any serious, harmful damage if you give your dog too much, but you need to introduce it slowly and in small amounts to avoid an upset stomach.

There’s also the risk of choking on a piece of cucumber, so make sure it’s cut up into bite-sized pieces.

Feeding your dog a whole cucumber isn’t always advisable if you have a dog who goes nuts over food, but you can do so if your dog doesn’t inhale everything on the spot immediately.

Remember the 10% rule – don’t give your dog more than 10% of their daily intake so they don’t turn down their dinner later.

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