Can Dogs Eat Bread? (November 2018)

Sometimes I’ll grab a piece of bread and just eat it as is. I love bread, but I’m curious – can dogs eat bread?

Is bread safe for dogs to eat?

Let’s find out!

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Yes, dogs can eat bread. When it comes to what types of bread can dogs eat, however, you need to make sure that it’s plain white bread or wheat bread.

As with any other human food, moderation is key.

The Risks of Feeding Your Dog Bread

If you like to make your bread at home, make sure you keep the dough out of reach of your dog. Homemade bread tastes amazing, but the dough is extremely problematic and dangerous if ingested by a dog.

Making bread from scratch requires an environment that is moist, warm, free of drafts. Your dog’s stomach has all of these qualifications to make bread rise, and it does happen when a dog eats raw dough.

The yeast is the bread dough causes it to rise, which releases levels of toxic ethanol into your dog’s bloodstream and distends his stomach. This can cause bloating and alcohol toxicosis.

Here are the symptoms of alcohol toxicosis you need to look for if a dog has managed to ingest raw dough:

  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Depressed central nervous system
  • Seizures
  • Drunken, unsteady gait
  • Hypothermia
  • Coma

You also need to make sure that your dog doesn’t have a grain allergy, as well. Not to mention the fact that a lot of types of bread have ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Xylitol, the artificial sweetener that’s found in sugar-free gum and some brands of peanut butter, is also found in baked goods – which is a big problem if you’re giving bread containing Xylitol to your dog. Make sure you check the list of ingredients before you give your dog virtually anything to ensure it doesn’t contain Xylitol.

Raisin bread, for example, should never be given to dogs. Dogs have different reactions to raisins, but even 2 or 3 can cause some serious harm.

Even nuts that are deemed safe for dogs to eat can cause issues. Macadamia nuts in bread, for example, can cause pancreatitis and stomach irritation.

Garlic bread smells amazing, even to dogs, but it can cause your dog to collapse, induce vomiting and diarrhea, cause weakness in your dog, and give him abdominal pain.

Bread is high in carbs and calories, so make sure you limit how much you give to your dog. Too much bread can actually give a dog diabetes.

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