Can Dogs Eat Oranges? (November 2018)

Oranges are a healthy snack that can help to keep your energy up throughout the day, but can dogs eat oranges?

Some dogs love fruits and vegetables, but are oranges safe for dogs to eat?

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Yes, dogs can eat oranges, but there are a couple of limitations when it comes to giving your dog some.

Dogs are able to eat oranges if they like the taste, mostly because they’re sweet and juicy, which can be appealing to dogs.

The natural sugar provides fiber to your pup, so there’s a health benefit to give her some, but just be careful not to give too much.

DO NOT give your dog the peel – their digestive system cannot break this part of an orange down, which will lead to gastrointestinal upset.

This is probably common sense, but I’m going to say it anyway – peel the orange before giving your dog a piece, don’t give them an orange with the peel on!

Don’t forget to remove the seeds.

You also need to keep in mind that oranges, as well as any other food given as a treat, should not exceed more than 10% of his daily calorie intake.

How Much of an Orange Can a Dog Eat?

Small dogs should only have between 1/3 to 1/4 of a moderately-sized orange once per day. Larger dogs could have half of an orange per day, or even a whole one – but only as long as their stomachs are used to them and you’re not handing them an entire orange for the first time.

Dogs can generally have as much Vitamin C as they want per day, considering oranges are water soluble. Excess levels tend to be urinated out of the body and don’t get a chance to accumulate.

Dogs Who Should NOT Be Eating Oranges

As I said before, there are some limitations to feeding your dog an orange. You need to consider whether or not an orange will harm your dog based on the information below, especially when it comes to their diet and the sugar in oranges.

Dogs who are diabetic should not be given oranges due to the fact that they can affect the value of their blood. The Vitamin C is more of an issue than the natural sugars found in oranges.

If your dog is diabetic, chances are he’s already on a balanced and/or complete diet prescribed by his vet, so it’s best not to give him anything extra that hasn’t been allowed by the vet.

Health Benefits of Giving Your Dog an Orange

Oranges have amazing health benefits for dogs in controlled amounts. The benefits are incredible and can actually save your dog’s life.

The nutrients that are found in oranges can help to improve your dog’s immune system.

If your dog has ingested propylene glycol, onion powder, and any other oxidative toxins that cause toxicity in dogs, a piece of an orange will give them the boost of Vitamin C that could potentially save your pup’s life.

Dogs under stress or who are exercising in vast amounts can actually benefit from the high Vitamin C count that is found in oranges. This is because stress and exercising to the extreme can overwhelm a dog’s ability to create Vitamin C, which is done with their liver.

For example, if you’ve moved and your dog is under high amounts of stress and is having trouble settling down, orange fragments may do the trick to help give him the Vitamin C he’s probably lacking.


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