Top 10 Dog Shampoo – Best Dog Shampoo (October 2018)

There are literally thousands of dog shampoo brands out there, but what is the best dog shampoo that’s worth investing money in? I’ve taken quite a few factors into consideration here when I’ve made my selection in order to give you the top 10 dog shampoo products available.

Instead of picking up garbage that will later be slathered onto your dog without a second thought, take a look at some of the best dog shampoo products I’ve found out there.

Your dog’s coat is a lot more sensitive than most owners realize, especially when it comes to their precious pH balance. You could be doing some serious harm to your dog’s health by using crap shampoo.

Crocx Natural Dog Shampoo

The Crocx Natural Dog Shampoo is a natural, light-smelling natural dog shampoo that can also be used on cats, as well.


Right off the bat, I’d like to mention that I have researched all of the ingredients that were listed by the seller as thoroughly as possible. Based on my research, all of the ingredients are safe.

Here are the ingredients used in this shampoo for dogs, in case you want to research them yourself:

  • Aqua (Water)
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • Sodium Trideceth Sulphate
  • Leuconostoc/Radish Foot Ferment Filtrate
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium Chloride (Salt)
  • Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil
  • Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate
  • PEG 150 Distearate
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil

This shampoo for dogs is designed to nourish your dog’s skin and coat, as well as reduce the amount of released dander and shedding while moisturizing the skin.

It’s perfect for dogs with sensitive skin and is handmade in Canada for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, you name it.

It works for thin to thick coats, so you can use it on any breed of dog out there.

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Shampoo

The Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Shampoo may have an incredibly long name, but it’s a quality product that comes with a cheap price.


Here is a detailed list of the ingredients used in this shampoo for dogs:

  • Purified Water
  • Natural Coconut-Derived Cleaners
  • Natural Glyceride Oils
  • Vegetable-Derived Glycerin
  • Lanolin-Based Conditioner
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Jasmine Extract
  • Oat Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Paraben-Free Preservative

I’d like to quickly point out that I love how paraben-free preservatives are used in this shampoo for dogs. Parabens are used in a wide variety of cosmetics, but they are known to cause harm to the body’s natural hormones by disrupting them in both dogs and humans.

It does have quite a smell to it, but it’s the good type of smell that lasts for days on end.

Perfect Coat Natural Oatmeal Shampoo

I have used quite a few of their products, but the Perfect Coat Natural Oatmeal Shampoo smells absolutely amazing compared to some of the products I’ve tried from their line.


The photo above is French Vanilla, particularly in a 64-ounce bottle, but they also offer Baby Powder, Sunflower and Tropical Mist scents. You can choose from a 64-ounce bottle or a 32-ounce bottle.

It uses Microencapsulated Liposomes, one of which is Panthenol, which helps to condition and replenish your dog’s skin.

Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo

Burt’s Bees has an incredible product line for dogs. I’ve invested in so many of their products for dogs in the past that I can’t keep count. Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo has been one of my go-to shampoos for my girls for years.


You can get 1 16-ounce bottle or a pack of 2 16-ounce bottles, whichever you prefer.

It uses Colloidal Oat Flour and Honey to nourish and moisturize your dog’s skin and gives their coat a beautiful shine.

It doesn’t contain any Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrances or Sulfates whatsoever, which is awesome news.

You won’t have to worry about your pup’s pH balance being affected, either.

FURminator DeShedding Shampoo

FURminator is a brand that I’ve found have more than one useful product you should always have, which is certainly the case with the FURminator DeShedding Shampoo.


You can choose from a 16-ounce bottle or a 32-ounce bottle.

Dogs shed, unless you have a hypoallergenic breed, but using this shampoo helps to eliminate some of the shedding that occurs.

Listed below are all the ingredients used in the formula:

  • Water
  • Mild Surfactants
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids
  • Cranberry, Sunflower and Safflower Seed Oils
  • Calendula
  • Papaya Leaf
  • Chamomile
  • Malva Flower
  • Blueberry
  • Aloe Vera
  • Kava
  • Vitamin E
  • Vegetable Protein Extract
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat
  • Oat Proteins
  • Fragrance
  • Preservative
  • Salt

It’s unclear which fragrance and preservative are used, but I’m not too worried about them. The amount of natural, beneficial ingredients that are used in the formula are more than enough to make me a fan.

Isle of Dogs Silky Oatmeal Shampoo

If you have a need for new shampoo for your pup, I recommend that you give the Isle of Dogs Silky Oatmeal Shampoo a try.


You can opt for a 16-ounce bottle or an entire gallon, depending on how much you’d like to invest in.

It includes Jojoba and Oatmeal to soothe your pup’s dry skin, features a signature fragrance of Jasmine and Vanilla, and has natural odor neutralizers.

This is a mild shampoo for dogs that can be used on any breed, no matter the quality of their coat.

The formula is also free of any Sulfates and Parabens, as well!

PET HEAD Puppy Fun Tearless Shampoo

I think it’s so cute that BED HEAD, which is a brand for humans, has a line for pets. The PET HEAD Puppy Fun Tearless Shampoo comes in an adorable bottle.


This shampoo won’t harm or improperly adjust your dog’s pH balance, which is always great news.

It doesn’t use Parabens, Petroleum Derivatives, Propylene Gycol, Sulfates or DEAs.

It does, however, include Shea Butter for a rich, supple coat and Safflower Oil to soothe and nourish your dog’s skin by retaining moisture.

This shampoo comes in a 16-ounce bottle and is a hypoallergenic formula that’s specifically made for young puppies.

The lasting orange scent is pretty mesmerizing.

Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo

The Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo has a wide variety of choices to select from based on what your dog needs in particular.


You can choose from 4-in-1, Deodorizing, Dermasilk Conditioner, Extra Soothing, Gentle Puppy and Shed Control, all of which come in an 18-ounce bottle.

It uses a built-in conditioner that helps to remove static, condition the coat, add shine to it, and help detangle pups with long coats.

The formula includes Natural Oatmeal Extract, Vitamin B5 and multiple Detangling Agents.

It doesn’t include Dyes, Parabens, Alcohol, Phosphates or Phthalates.

It’s fully biodegredable and won’t wash off any topical flea treatments you have applied to your dog’s coat.

Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo

If you have a white dog that you struggle to keep white due to grass, mud, or just discoloration, the Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo will help to keep their coat their natural color.


It comes in a 16-ounce bottle that doesn’t contain any softening agents, harsh chemicals or bleaching agents in the shampoo’s formula.

In fact, the shampoo uses a semipermanent color that won’t rub off on anything, and keeps your pup’s coat shining bright for up to a total of 4 weeks, on average.

It balances the color and tightens the hair cuticle lens, which amplifies the color tones and glossiness of your pup’s color. Yeah, it sounds complicated and difficult to understand, but trust me – it works.

The shampoo removes discoloration intensifies white coats, even if your dog is, for example, 50% white and 50% another color.

Espree Plum Perfect Shampoo

The Espree Plum Perfect Shampoo is the perfect way to invest in a large amount of high-quality dog shampoo at one time.


The shampoo is 100% biodegradable, multi-purpose, tearless and has a fruit scent that lasts for quite awhile.

In total, it dilutes up to 16 parts to 1, however. If you don’t know how to dilute shampoo or conditioner, I’ll have an article up on it soon that you can refer to.

This shampoo cleans and highlights your dog’s coat while providing the best amount of body and shine at the same time.

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