Top 10 Dog Boots – Boots for Dogs (October 2018)

Cold weather is approaching quickly this year, with snowfall soon to come. If you haven’t looked at some dog boots for your pup, now is definitely the time.

Boots for dogs may not seem like an important part of winter, but it’s extremely important that you protect your dog’s paws against the harmful salt that’s spread everywhere. Not only can it be harmful for them to ingest, it poses the risk of cutting up your pup’s poor paws.

Instead of taking the risk of leaving your dog’s paws exposed, check out my top 10 dog boots to take the extra step in protecting them.

PAWZ Road Dog Boots

The PAWZ Road Dog Boots are the tough boots your pup needs to brave the streets in winter.


They come in 5, 6 and 7 for sizes with Red and Black colors to choose from.

Each pair is made of high-quality suede fabric, leather, rubber, and are designed to be both non-slip and waterproof.

Thanks to the front zipper enclosure, they’re easy to slip on and take off. They expand using a wide split seam opening as well as 2 adjustable, Velcro straps for the perfect fit.

MyfatBOSS Waterproof Dog Boots

The MyfatBOSS Waterproof Dog Boots are perfect for rain, sleet, snow, you name it.


They come in 4, 6, 7 and 8 for sizes, and you can choose from Black and Red colors.

These high security boots offer an equal amount of quality materials used to create them, including features that make them waterproof, windproof, and snowproof.

They are both easy to put on and take off, thanks to the reflective Velcro strip.

Qiao Niuniu Protective Boots

The Qiao Niuniu Protective Boots are stylish, durable, and are sure to keep your dog’s sensitive paws protected in the slush and snow.



They come in the sizes of XS, S, M, L and XL, as well as in Brown, Black, Blue, Green and Pink.

The company has some specifications on size listed, which I will list for you below:

  • XS – 2 to 3 lbs
  • S – 3 to 7 lbs
  • M – 7 to 8 lbs
  • L – 8 to 12 lbs
  • XL – 15 lbs

If you have a small dog with teeny tiny paws, these boots are the perfect choice.

Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

I’ve used these in the past with my girls, and I have to say, they held up a lot better than I thought they would. The Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots are a lot more reliable than they look.


There are a wide variety of sizes available, which are 3″, 21/2″, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL and even Tiny.

They also come in Blue, Red, Black, Orange, Purple and Dark Green.

Each pair is waterproof, reusable, disposable and made of natural materials.

They bend with your dog’s paw easily, stay on as they should, and assist with traction control and allergies.

The pack comes with 12 boots total, so you won’t have to worry about losing boots ever again.

UEETEK Waterproof Booties

The UEETEK Waterproof Booties are simple yet very effective in protecting your dog’s feet.


They come in S, M, L and XL, all of which are suitable for hiking, running, snow, rain, you name it.

Because they use anti-slip, soft soles and other materials that make them tough, they’re the ideal boot for weather of all types.

They use adjustable, adhesive snap closure designs to ensure they fit securely as possible.

UHeng Paw Protectors

The UHeng Paw Protectors look a lot like moon boots, and they’re just as reliable – especially in cold, frigid weather.


They come in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL in both Orange and Red colors.

They’re made of waterproof fabric that keep your dog’s paws protected and warm.

They also feature reflective Velcro straps that make it difficult for your dog to take off themselves.

FouFou Dog Rubber Dipped Socks

The FouFou Dog Rubber Dipped Socks aren’t exactly boots, but socks for dogs work just as well if you’re planning on taking your dog out for a quick walk around the block or even just in your front yard.


They come in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Each pair is thick and fully textured with a dipped sole that protect sensitive paws from hot pavement, snow, rain, mud, sand, you name it.

They use a Velcro strap to ensure your dog can’t take them off on their own.

Ethical Products / Fashion Pet Arctic Fleece Boots for Dogs

The Ethical Products / Fashion Pet Arctic Fleece Boots for Dogs are an amazing pair of boots that work wonders for your dog’s paws during your winter walks.


They come in XS, S, M and L sizes and in the color Black.

The elastic strap ensures your dog can’t easily slip them off on their own, while the non-skid PVC sole will keep your pup on their feet.

Each pair is made of polyester polar fleece that keeps your dog’s feet warm and dry.

Nobrand Boots for Dogs

I know the name might put you off, but the Nobrand Boots for Dogs is actually quite a decent pair of boots.


The size requirements are based on inches, so you’ll have to take your dog’s foot measurements before you make a purchase to ensure you get the right fit.

They have an adorable design with Brown and Pink colors to choose from.

They’re made of soft, lightweight materials that make a comfortable, dry fit for your dog’s paws to protect them from the cold snow.

Ethical Products / Fashion Pet All Weather Boots

The Ethical Products / Fashion Pet All Weather Boots are awesome boots that won’t quit on your dog when he needs them the most to protect his paws from the cold.


These boots are XS in size and Red in color.

They’re fully adjustable due to the adjustable Velcro strap, are able to be cleaned with a damp cloth, and it also includes reflective tape on the top for visibility purposes.

Each pair is made of durable, fleece-lined nylon fabric, suede leather soles, and PVC toe caps for added protection.

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