Top Cat Halloween Costumes (October 2018)

Halloween is closing in fast!

If you’re looking for a cute cat Halloween costume to dress your kitty up in, I’ve found some great ones that you’re going to love.

SEALEN Bat Wings Halloween Costume

My cat, Spook, is going to hate me for putting these on him, but, come on, how could I not? The SEALEN Bat Wings Halloween Costume is actually on sale right now, even though it’s super cheap, anyway.


It’s made of a high-quality felt that’s both durable and comfortable for your kitty. It’s actually suitable for both cats and small to medium-sized dogs.

Generic Lion Head Costume for Cats

Bring out your cat’s inner lion with the Generic Lion Head Costume for Cats. It’s super soft, fluffy, and sure to be the cat’s meow this Halloween.


At this time of writing, it currently comes in XS and S. It’ll even fit your pup, if they’re a small breed!

Rubies Costume Co Yoda Head Piece

Star Wars lovers, this is for you! The Rubies Costume Co Yoda Head Piece is super adorable.


It’s a one size fits all costume that’s sure to be cute on any breed of cat, no matter the color.

Rubies Costume Co Leia Head Piece

How could I list a Yoda costume without a Leia one? The Rubies Costume Co Leia Head Piece is incredibly adorable.


Like the Yoda head piece, this one is also one size fits all!

THEE Dragon Cat Costume

The THEE Dragon Cat Costume is the perfect cat costume for owners who love fantasy and mythical creatures.


It comes in XS, S, M, L, and XL and in Purple, Black, and Blue, all equally pretty colors.

It’s made of fleece and polyester, making it both warm, comfortable, and a joy for your cat to wear.

Sweetdog Pumpkin Cat Costume

Pumpkin costumes are absolute classics, but the Sweetdog Pumpkin Cat Costume brings classic to an entirely new, cuter level.


It’s made of comfortable, high-quality short plush material and has an adjustable neck girth of between 11 to 13.4″.

Even if your pet gets it off, the material is safe enough for them to chew, though you’ll probably want to take it away if it gets to that.

NACOCO Cat Doctor Costume

If Spook came running up to me wearing this, I’d have a heart attack from the cuteness. The NACOCO Cat Doctor Costume is definitely one of the most adorable costumes I’ve seen so far.


It comes in S, M and L sizes, made of a comfortable cotton material, and doesn’t have a snug fit, no matter the size, that will constrict movement.

NACOCO Cat Sailor Costume

I am loving these costumes, especially the NACOCO Cat Sailor Costume because it’s just so darn cute.


It comes in XS, S, M and L, all made of a soft, high-quality cotton material that your cat can relax and act as they normally would in it.

It has an adjustable hook and loop Velcro closure that’s easy to take on and off your cat, so no fussing necessary.

You can use this costume on both your dog and your cat, depending on the size you purchase.

Piline Unicorn Hat

The Piline Unicorn Hat is the perfect Halloween cap for both cats and dogs alike.


It’s made of a breathable, Oxford fabric and soft fleece that’s non-sticky and uses a 38 mm wide Velcro design to ensure it’s easy to put it on and take it off.

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