Preparing for a New Kitten – Before the Big Day and Onward

Bringing a kitten home is obviously very exciting – you’re adding a new member to your family, or just starting.

Kittens may be extremely cute and fun to play with, but you also need to remember that they’re a lot of work. Kittens are incredibly active, love to get into everything, and aren’t litter trained, so get your game face on.

By following this guide and picking up some of the products I mention, you’ll be completely ready for your new kitten!

What You’ll Need Before the Big Day

To make sure you’re completely ready to bring your new kitten home, you’re going to need to pick up quite a few things.

Selecting Cat Toys

Cats have always been naturally inquisitive animals. Giving them the right toys will keep them occupied, spare your furniture, and, especially, your limbs. Bored kittens are destructive kittens, so you’ll need to have cat toys to keep them occupied.

Toys with catnip, crunchy fillings, and feathers are favorites, as are laser pointers. Scratching posts are an absolute must, as well!

Cat Roller Toy by Easyology


The Cat Roller Toy by Easyology is the perfect toy for a kitten. I mean, just look at it, you can imagine how hard you’ll be laughing once your kitten really gets going with the balls.

Feather Teaser Toy by Pawaboo


The Feather Teaser Toy by Pawaboo is a like a 3-in-1 necessity toy for kittens. Not only does it include some pretty feathers, but it also has a laser light with a bell. What more could a kitten want, right?

Senses 2.0 Digger


The Senses 2.0 Digger is a great way to keep a kitten focused for an afternoon. Just put some small treats in the holes and let them have a go!

Play ‘n Scratch by Catit


The Play ‘n Scratch by Catit both a scratch post and 2 fun toys all rolled up into one.

Choosing Comfortable Spots for Snoozing

All cats need a snuggly spot to snooze in, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want a cat bed. Because all cats are different, it’s good to pick up a variety before you get your kitten so they have some choices to pick from.

Velvet Pet Blanket by kiwitata


The super cute Velvet Pet Blanket by kiwitata is perfect for all pets alike, but especially great for kittens looking to take an afternoon snooze after a long morning of play.

Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed by Oster Professional


The Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed by Oster Professional is the perfect addition to any home that has cats in it. Cats love to bathe in the sun, that’s no secret, and this bed gives them another way to do it. It’s able to support up to 50 pounds and installation takes seconds.

Steel Claw Sleeper Cat Bed by Kitty City


The Steel Claw Sleeper Cat Bed by Kitty City is incredibly easy to assemble and is able to be attached to other modular products from Kitty City. It’s made of heavy duty ab joints that firmly hold the pipes in place with soft, yet quite strong, fleece. The heavy duty coated fabric is tear resistant, as well!

Using Cat Treats for Training and Praise

Cat treats are great for both bonding and more practical uses. For example, distracting them while they get vaccinated at the vet, while you trim their nails, or even for the purpose of training them to do tricks.

However, it’s important to remember that you use small treats, such as training treats. It’s incredibly easy to overfeed kittens because they’re so tiny, so choosing the treats you buy will have to be carefully done.

Get Naked Kitten Soft Treats by N-Bone


Get Naked Kitten Treats by N-Bone are a healthy treat to use with your kitten, whether they’re for training, praise, or as a distraction method.

Milky Treats by Whiskas


Milky Treats by Whiskas are super delicious and made for kittens between the ages of 2 to 12 months.

Choosing the Right Food

Growing kitties require food that is appropriate in regard to their developmental stage. The development of their nervous system, muscles, and bones are particularly important in the first 6 months of their life.

Cat food is labeled in accordance with life stages, typically by kitten, adult, senior, etc. Though this is generally a given, you must give kittens kitten food. Kitten food is formulated to be the most nutritious because they are in the most nutritionally-demanding stage of their life.

Hill’s Science Diet for Kittens by Hill’s Pet Nutrition


Hill’s Science Diet for Kittens by Hill’s Pet Nutritional is a fantastic brand to get your kitten started on. It includes natural DHA for the support of a healthy brain, a boost in learning, taurine and multivitamins for healthy organ growth, and both vitamin C and E to protect and boost the immune system.

Purina Kitten Formula by Purina ONE


Purina Kitten Formula by Purina ONE is another good brand to go with. It includes chicken as the #1 ingredient, zero fillers, and DHA for healthy brain development.

Purrfect Bistro Healthy Kitten Recipe by Merrick


Purrfect Bistro Healthy Kitten Recipe by Merrick is grain-free, contains no gluten ingredients, preservatives, flavors, or artificial colors. It includes real, deboned chicken as the #1 ingredient, has Omega fatty acids for healthy fur and skin, is fortified with antioxidants, probiotics, minerals, and vitamins.

Choosing a Litter Box

Once upon a time there were only flat, basic litter boxes. Now, however, there are open, closed, and all kinds of litter boxes to choose from.

Easy Clean Litter Box by PetFusion


The Easy Clean Litter Box by PetFusion is made from durable ABS plastic with a proprietary non-stick final coating at a rate of up to 70%, which makes cleaning it incredibly easy. The high walls ensure that both litter and leaks will stay contained inside the box.

The easy grip lip is great for all ages of cats, not only just kittens, and has spacious curves that makes scooping out dirty litter easy. It’s 100% anti-microbial and has the large size dimensions of 22.6 x 18.1 8.0 in inches.

Hidden Litter Box by Good Pet Stuff


If you’d rather keep your kitten’s litter box out of sight, but you don’t have many options, I definitely recommend the Hidden Litter Box by Good Pet Stuff. It’s a litter box that, interestingly enough, looks like a real pot made out of clay, though it’s actually made of a durable polypropylene.

With a total measurement of 42 inches high when the included plant top is installed, it’s large enough for multi-cat households. It uses a filtered ventilation system to control odor and dust and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Litterbox by LitterMaid


The LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Litterbox by LitterMaid scoops waste automatically after your kitten uses it to control odor and keep it clean. The carpeted ramp and high walls prevent the scattering of litter.

It comes with 8 waste receptacles, 8 carbon filters, the paw cleaning ramp, a scoop rake, an AC adapter, a back-up battery component, and it even has adjustable programing that’s easy to figure out and use.

Remember, multi-cat households need 1 litter box for every cat, scoop once a day, and completely clean each one once a week!

Choosing the Right Cat Litter

You could spend your money on the best litter box you can find, but it all comes down to the litter you use. Low-dust, unscented clumping litter are most loved by cats, but you can get your kitten to accept whatever type of litter you get them used to.

Premium Organic Lightweight Cat Litter by Greenfield Pets


Premium Organic Lightweight Cat Little by Greenfield Pets is made from 100% renewable, biodegradable, eco-friendly, Canadian hemp fiber. There are no toxic clays or fillers, which means you’re able to scoop up the waste and flush it down the toilet, if you want to!

It’s up to 5x more absorbent than other litter brands and comes in a bag that’s 7x lighter! The natural deodorizer has superior odor control leaves a fresh smell, as well as a low amount of dust without the use of perfumes or dyes.

Clump & Seal Cat Litter by ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter


Clump & Seal Cat Litter by ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter seals and destroys odors. It has a 7-Day Guarantee – you’re guaranteed to not smell a thing for at least 7 days! It’s 100% dust free, has multi-cat strength, and is made from particles that are derived from plants. This means that the clumbs will be rock solid, especially easy to scoop.

Clean Blossoms Clumping Litter by Purina Tidy Cats


Clean Blossoms Clumping Litter by Purina Tidy Cat is a lightweight, clumping litter that has a pleasant fragrance, thank to Glade Tough Odor Solutions. Even in the pail, it’s actually half the regular weight of some of the leading cat litter brands.

Choose Your Arsenal of Cleaning Products Wisely

Kittens are a lot of fun, but they tend to get everywhere. Absolutely all over the place. Unstoppable balls of fury. Because of this, it’s extremely important that you have cleaning products in your home that are safe for kittens to be around and throw out the ones that aren’t. You’ll also want something that will clean up accidents, hair balls, vomit, etc.

Urine Destroyer by Nature’s Miracle


Urine Destroyer by Nature’s Miracle is something that every pet parent should always have. Even if your cat is grown up and fully litter trained, accidents can and do happen. Any pet parent who’s ever used this stuff will tell you – it’s absolute magic.

Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator Cleaner by Bissell


The Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator Cleaner by Bissell is a great way to remove odors and stains, even if they weren’t caused by your new kitten, from upholstery, your carpet, you name it. It leaves a fresh, clean Febreze scent that’s safe to use around your pets.

Hard Floor Cleaner by Nature’s Miracle


I love my hard wood floors and I love the fact that there’s Hard Floor Cleaner by Nature’s Miracle. It uses a bio-enzymatic formula that protects the floor finish while still being able to clean linoleum, concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl, and sealed wood.

It’s also great for removing stains and eliminating odors that were caused by fats, oil, greaese, fecal matter, urine, and all other organic substrates.

Picking Out a Comfortable Carrier

Because you’ll be taking your new fur baby to the vet throughout their life, you’re going to need to pick out a comfortable carrier for him or her to travel there and back in.

Portable Bubble Backpack by Lemonda


This may not be your traditional cat carrier, but the Portable Bubble Backpack by Lemonda is definitely an interesting way to get your cat around. It’s actually great for both cats and small dogs.

The transparent, hemispherical, breathable window allows your cat to see the world around them without feeling too cooped up as they would in a more closed, traditional carrier. It’s made from high density acrylic and selected canvas with a built-in lock to prevent your cat from escaping.

Aside from the breathable cover and window, there are large, open ventilation holes to promote proper air circulation on the side of the bag. The bag itself weighs only 2.7 pounds and can hold up to 14 pounds.

Expandable Cozy Cat Carrier by Petsfit


The Expandable Cozy Cat Carrier by Petsfit is one of the best open-type carriers I’ve ever dealt with. It has mesh ventilation, high quality zippers that lock on their own, and an open space when closed so your cat will be comfortable if it’s going to be a long trip.

The wire frame in both sides of the carrier add extra stability. It comes with a shoulder strap that you can attach, or you can just carry it using the nylon woven handle. The side pockets are perfect for toys or treats, and the soft, fleece mat is both comfortable and machine washable!

Two Door Top Load Pet Kennell by Petmate


If all you’re looking for is a cheap, traditional cat cattier, you’re going to love the Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel by Petmate. It comes with a water cup, has 2 fully functional doors, and can hold up to 15 pounds.

Both of the doors are made of steel and include secure latches. perfect for ventilation, safety, easy access, and overall comfort. The door on top makes removing your nervous pet stress-free for the both of you.

It has a sturdy wing nut and bolt design with a comfortable carrying handle. The vented sides ensure that fresh air and visibility won’t be an issue whatsoever.

Creating a Kitten-Friendly Home

Raising a kitten takes a lot of work, but so does being prepared for bringing the little one home. Hopefully, you’ve taken a good look at some of the products I’ve mentioned and are now completely ready for your new kitten!

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